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Civic Engagement and Leadership Data

Latinas tend to lead in ways that center equity, build bridges, and will be key to sustaining a robust multiracial democracy. We are civic powerhouses, outpacing our male counterparts in voter turnout, driving our families’ civic engagement, and organizing within our communities. Yet we still face persistent underrepresentation, underinvestment, and opportunity gaps. HOPE’s research shows that by investing in Latinas, we stand to gain more adaptive and responsive leaders, and a more engaged electorate, capable of supporting stronger and more equitable communities.

Latina Representation in New York Government Report

HOPE’s “Latina Representation in New York Government” Report analyzes more than 6,000 elected leaders at federal, state, county, and municipal levels, highlighting the status of Latina political representation across New York. With a focus on gender and ethnic parity among elected representatives and their constituents, the report underscores both the successes of Latina candidates in politics and the areas where increased representation is needed for one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States.

California Gubernatorial Appointments Report

In an effort to shed light on the demographic landscape of California’s gubernatorial appointments, HOPE’s comprehensive analysis provides crucial insights into the diversity and representation within the Governor’s appointed boards, commissions, and task forces in 2023. While the Governor achieved near gender parity in the appointments made by his office in 2023, our analysis shows that diverse voices remained underrepresented, particularly Latino and AAPI Californians. White Californians continued to hold the plurality of these positions at 52%, while Latinos, Black, AAPI, and Native American individuals make up  39% combined.

Latina Representation in California Government

There are 7.8 million Latinas living in California, equal to 20% of the state’s population. This report reviews over 5,000 elected officeholders across all levels of government, revealing that representation continues to lag behind population growth — especially at the highest levels of government. HOPE offers this report as an assessment of the current state of representation for the nearly 8 million Latinas living in California, and as a conversation starter for how to foster future leaders.

Leading with HOPE Report

This report offers a deep dive into the HOPE Leadership Institute (HLI) program, its alumnae, and how HOPE contributes to a broader ecosystem that seeks to bring marginalized communities into spaces from which they have been historically excluded. It demonstrates the impact of Latinas in California as a demographic force and as leaders who are building a more equitable state, and argues for more philanthropic investment in their leadership.

The Latina Pulse

HOPE, in partnership with Telemundo and Latino Victory Foundation, conducted this study in 2021 in order to advance understanding of the current mindset of U.S. Latinas and the issues that are most pressing to them as they face an unprecedented time in American history in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and reckoning with racial injustice.

Missing: Latinas in Executive Leadership in California's Corporations

In 2009, HOPE began tackling the underrepresentation of Latinas in executive leadership in California’s corporations. Keenly aware of the changes occurring in California’s workforce, HOPE launched this research effort to inform a broader community about the needs of, and possibilities for, Latinas in the corporate sector.

Latina Electorate Report 2009

Access to the Internet and usage of “new media” are important catalysts for the political and civic involvement of Latina voters in California. Latinas with access to the Internet and an email address are significantly more likely to be informed about new state laws and the legislative process in Sacramento. They are also more likely to get directly involved in organizations that focus on issues impacting their careers and the quality of life of their families.

State of Latinas in California 2008

The Presidential Election and the Latina Vote

This report outlines Latinas’ strong ramifications on the 2008 Presidential Election. As part of the fastest growing demographic and consumer group, Latinas are setting the national agenda with their needs and contributions. HOPE will continue to be by their side, advocating on their behalf and creating proactive public policies and leadership development programming that ensures they are heard and changes are made for all Americans.

State of Latinas in California 2005

Fostering the Growth of Latina Leadership

HOPE contracted with the University of California, San Francisco Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy to conduct a five-year retrospective report on the HOPE Leadership Institute (HLI), showing how Latina leaders drive progress for the health, education, and prosperity of their communities across the state.

State of Latinas in California 2004

Celebrating 15 Years of Leadership, Advocacy, and Education

This report provides a year-in-review snapshot of HOPE and its community’s achievements, providing Latina-specific education and economic data coupled with listings of Latina experts and Latinas in key leadership positions.

State of Latinas in California 2003

Latinas Inspiring, Empowering, and Engaging Leadership

HOPE compiled findings from our Latina Leadership Roundtables throughout the state, data collected from the 2000 Census, and our 2003 survey. The findings reveal the specific needs of Latinas with regards to economic empowerment, education, and health, and inform HOPE’s public policy recommendations.

Elevating the Latina Experience: Media Coverage of Our Reports

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