HOPE College Leadership Program

HOPE College Leadership Program

Latinas thrive when they have a strong network of support.

The HOPE College Leadership Program (HCLP) creates that network for first-generation Latina college students and recent grads across the U.S. They learn to launch meaningful careers and develop their political voices — with guidance from Latina leaders, and solidarity with each other, every step of the way. 

HCLP participants: 

  • Explore career opportunities and engage with professionals in fields where Latinas are underrepresented, such as STEM
  • Work together to get out the vote and raise awareness of issues facing Latinas  
  • Complete college at a rate of 63% in 5 years, exceeding the national average of 58% in 6 years 
  • Build careers in influential fields such as public policy, education and public health

Applications for the 2024 HOPE College Leadership Program are now open!

Applications are due April 30, 2024.

Program Requirements

Learn all about the HOPE College Leadership Program, our signature Young Professionals Summit, what it takes to join the HCLP, and how to complete your application. You will also find other opportunities for college students to get involved with HOPE.

HCLP 2023

Since 2016, more than 470 Latina students have participated in the HOPE College Leadership Program. These first-generation young leaders are from diverse backgrounds, with varying interests and career goals. In 2023, we were proud to welcome brilliant and inspiring young women from across the United States as part of the biggest HCLP cohort to date!

Young Professionals Summit

This conference supports the professional development of Latinas ages 18-26, and is the signature conference of the HCLP. With topical interactive workshops, Latinas early in their careers get the guidance and connections they need to excel in their chosen paths. Past topics include how to budget and save, navigate higher education, and build careers that meet our individual needs and lifestyles.

Pop-Up Coach

The Pop-Up Coach is a source of virtual connection between first-generation Latina college students and Latina professionals. It is a space for wisdom and advice sharing that supports Latinas with learning about their career options, refining job search skills, and more. Learn more about how you can participate as a student or a coach.

HOPE College Leadership Program: Alexia Burquez

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To learn more about the HOPE College Leadership Program, please contact Monica Medina, Senior Program Manager.

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