SB 782 (Limón) Transparency in Gubernatorial Appointments

Our work to Ensure Transparency in Gubernatorial Appointments:

Since 2021, HOPE has partnered with Senator Monique Limón and sponsored legislation to require demographic reporting on Gubernatorial appointments. Previous iterations have passed through the Legislature but have unfortunately been vetoed.

In response to the latest veto in October of 2023, HOPE embarked on an analysis of the demographic data of gubernatorial appointees made publicly available via press release posted on the Governor’s website. While the Governor has achieved near gender parity in the appointments made by his office in 2023 and has made strides in appointing more people of color, HOPE’s analysis shows that diverse voices remain underrepresented. White Californians continued to hold the plurality of these positions at 52%, while Latinos (17%), Black (11%), AAPI (8%), and Native American Californians (2%) collectively make up 39%. The report highlights that more needs to be done to ensure our boards and commissions reflect the diversity of our state and demonstrates the impact that demographic reporting can have on identifying representation gaps in leadership.

Given these findings, Senator Limón reintroduced legislation this year, in the form of SB 782, to continue this crucial transparency work. Let’s be clear; SB 782 is not about this Governor. We recognize that Governor Newsom has made great strides during his tenure to ensure all communities have a voice at the table. The first report for SB 782 would be due in 2027, at the end of Governor Newsom’s term. SB 782 presents an opportunity for the state to enshrine an accountability mechanism for future administrations, establishing a legacy of transparency and ensuring that we have a metric to track progress and gaps in representation for the benefit of all communities.

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SB 782 (Limón)

SB 782 requires the Governor’s Office, on or before January 1, 2027 and annually thereafter, to report the aggregate demographic information of individuals appointed by the Governor. The bill requires the report to be published on the Governor’s website and for the Governor’s office to maintain an updated website with information on all state boards and commissions, including vacancies, current membership list, and frequency of meetings.

California Gubernatorial Appointments Report

In an effort to shed light on the demographic landscape of California’s gubernatorial appointments, HOPE’s comprehensive analysis provides crucial insights into the diversity and representation within the Governor’s appointed boards, commissions, and task forces in 2023. While the Governor achieved near gender parity in the appointments made by his office in 2023, our analysis shows that diverse voices remained underrepresented, particularly Latino and AAPI Californians. White Californians continued to hold the plurality of these positions at 52%, while Latinos, Black, AAPI, and Native American individuals make up 39% combined.

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SB 782 is a Priority Bill for the California AAPI, Latino and Women’s Legislative Caucuses

We're All for Greater Demographic Transparency in CA Leadership!

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