Just Prosperity and Income Equality

Just Prosperity and Income Equality

Latinas nationwide are breaking barriers and claiming space as leaders, despite the steep economic, health and education disparities we experience. When Latinas have the equal opportunity we need to succeed, all communities prosper. Discover HOPE’s flagship reporting on the economic status of Latinas, and learn about the power of Latinas as a political and economic engine.

Economic Status of Latinas – California, 2024

A Statewide Report and Roadmap to Achieve Economic Parity

The fourth installment of the “Economic Status of Latinas in California” report is a comprehensive analysis that sheds light on the strides made and the challenges faced by Latinas in achieving economic parity. This report, a culmination of rigorous research and interviews, not only illustrates Latina progress but also underscores the barriers hindering their path to a better quality of life and financial security. By examining national, state, and regional indicators, HOPE’s report offers crucial insights into the economic, leadership, health, and educational landscape of Latinas in California, juxtaposed against their White counterparts.

Economic Status of Latinas – New York State, 2023

This report lays out how Latinas in New York State are faring, the conditions that impact their ability to thrive economically, and how they are overcoming barriers to continue generating jobs and contribute to New York’s economy. It proposes systemic changes — both in policy and practice — for New York to address the persistent pay gap and opportunity gaps in education and the workplace.

Economic Status of Latinas – California, 2020

Increasing Opportunity in Education to Address Barriers to Economic Prosperity

This report updates national, state, and regional indicators on Latina economic progress compared to other major demographic groups — all as we faced a three-fold crisis of public health, recession, and social upheaval in the face of enduring racism. The report discusses education as a pathway to equitable prosperity, and makes policy recommendations to give Latinas equal opportunity and access to economic prosperity that can financially benefit all California.

Too Big to Ignore: Latina Microbusiness Owners, 2019

Latina microbusinesses in California address unmet community needs and offer culturally-specific services. And yet, even as the numbers of Latina-owned businesses grow, our business owners struggle to succeed because of information gaps, limited networks and mentorship, or a lack of access to capital. This report highlights recommendations for government and the private sector to help Latinas flourish as microbusiness owners.

Economic Status of Latinas – California, 2017

A Snapshot of the Nation, California, and the HOPE Sample

This report highlights the population growth of Latinas, their strong interest in entrepreneurial ventures, rising purchasing power and levels of educational attainment. These demographic and economic trends attest to Latinas’ increasing impact on business, education, political, and government sectors.

Economic Status of Latinas – California, 2013

Impacts of the Great Recession and Ensuring a Bright Economic Future for the United States

As California and the country shape new economic policy, this report illuminates the impact that the Great Recession had on Latinas and their families. It highlights the policies that would support Latinas’ and California’s recovery, and help our community to build wealth.

Elevating the Latina Experience: Media Coverage of Our Reports

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City News Service October 1, 2020
California Latinas earn less and are laid off first. A new initiative wants to change that.
The Sacramento Bee October 9, 2020
‘They don’t care about us.’ Latina frontline worker struggles to make ends meet after getting COVID.
KCRW October 7, 2020
A pesar de los obstáculos, latinas ganan terreno en el mundo empresarial
HOY Los Angeles March 14, 2017
Latinas are more vulnerable to economic insecurity because of COVID-19: op-ed by helen torres
Cal Matters May 3, 2020
Latinas more likely to own their own business despite Covid toll, new poll finds
NBC News September 23, 2021
Las latinas entre las más afectadas por la pandemia del coronavirus y la recesión económica.
LA Times coverage of HOPE's Economic Status of Latinas Report October 4, 2020
Las latinas son emprendedoras en los negocios pero también jefas de su hogar
Noticias Telemundo September 27, 2021

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