Latina Empowerment Days

Latina Empowerment Days are one-day intensive workshop series created to empower Latinas to increase their community impact and strengthen their skills and knowledge on various issues. This event leaves participants feeling empowered with the tools to level up their leadership skills and understanding of community issues. Participants also have the opportunity to network and build community with local Latina changemakers.

Latina Empowerment Days are hosted in several cities across the state of California. Stay tuned to discover if HOPE will travel to a city near you!

2024 Latina Empowerment Days

Bakersfield July 12, 2024
Riverside July 26, 2024
Fresno August 9, 2024
Downey August 23, 2024
Oakland September 6, 2024
San Bernardino September 27, 2024
Long Beach Coming Soon
San Diego Coming Soon


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