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HOPE Programs Build Latina Power

When Latinas have equal access to economic resources and political power, we can thrive. Our communities have long fought to gain the equal opportunity we deserve — and as long as that work continues, HOPE will be there.

We know that, by working as one, Latinas can bring about systemic change and dismantle the barriers to our communities’ success. Through HOPE programs, Latinas learn how to carve a path to achieve their personal goals, grow as leaders and advocates in their communities, and build bonds of solidarity that last a lifetime.

HOPE Binational Fellowship

The HOPE Binational Fellowship is a program for outstanding Latina executives from the United States and Mexico to catapult their leadership onto the national and global stage.

HOPE Leadership Institute

The HOPE Leadership Institute® (HLI) is the first and only statewide leadership program specifically designed for professional Latinas in California. Its goal is to train Latinas in vital leadership and advocacy skills, enabling them to create fundamental change within their local neighborhoods and across California.

HOPE College Leadership Program

The HOPE College Leadership Program (HCLP) creates a network of support for first-generation Latina college students and recent grads across the United States. Students learn about launching meaningful careers and developing their political voices — with guidance from Latina leaders, and solidarity with each other, every step of the way.

HOPE Youth Leadership Program

Through the HOPE Youth Leadership Program (HYLP), low-income, first-generation high school-age Latinas prepare for college and learn to advocate for their communities alongside peers and mentors who support them in achieving their personal and academic goals, and achieve financial self-sufficiency.

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To learn more about the HOPE Programs, please contact Diana Amaya, Director of Programs.

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