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Pop-Up Coach is an online program that connects first-generation Latina college students with Latina professionals. This coaching program provides students with the opportunity to learn about various careers, get advice, and refine job search skills with Latina mentors.

Pop-Up Coach aims to help build the social capital of Latina first-gen students by creating opportunities for them to engage with a pipeline of Latina professionals. We strive to create a space for wisdom and advice sharing that will support Latinas integrating into and advancing in the workplace.


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How it Works

How to book a meeting?

  1. Click on the icon “Meet the coaches.”
  2. Click on the coach you are interested in booking a meeting with
  3. Click on the “Learn more” button
  4. Read the coach’s bio and click on the “Book Here!”
  5. A booking page will open. Click on the date and time you would like to book.
  6. Fill out the fields to complete the booking and click “Request Booking.”
  7. You will receive an email once the coach confirms the booking. Please contact your coach to establish the preferred method of communication.


Check out these helpful resources to maximize your time and have an impactful and effective coach meeting!


You will find helpful resources like goal setting worksheets, meeting prep worksheets, and other articles to support you in your coaching journey.


You will find the Coach Session recordings and articles on how to be an effective coach.

Coach Profiles

Viviana Becerra Alcala Chief of Staff, CA Department of Justice
Alexia I. Burquez Business Partner, Google
Roxana Garcia-Ochoa Program Director, Sacramento State University
Rosicela Olivares Associate Contracts Officer, SRI International
Sandra Vidrio Business Services Manager, Fresno Regional Workforce Development
Sade C. Williams, HLI 2023 South Central Valley Director, GO Public Schools

Code of Conduct

Be Supportive!

We foster a space where Latinas can help each other rise. This requires an intentional desire to support one another, sharing our knowledge and experience.  Everyone will be able to learn and thrive through this supportive coaching. Confidentiality is key to creating a safe space. The personal stories shared by coaches and participants alike are not to be repeated to others without clear consent. This includes social media or personal conversations you may have with friends or family.

Be Respectful!

We respect people’s experiences, backgrounds, and opinions. When we encounter different perspectives on certain topics, we ramin respectful and fostering a safe space for people to share their experiences and viewpoints. You can agree to disagree on certain occasions and understand that it is ok to stop a conversation before it sparks an issue. Take into consideration that our words will always have an effect, it is upon us whether that is a positive or a negative one. Any form of harassment or exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to dismissal from the program.


We empower other Latinas by helping advance each other’s goals. We provide each other with the necessary tools to thrive in our fields. Our experience may be helpful to another Latina in her path. Therefore, we must understand that we are here to support each other and help each other achieve our goals.

Be Generous!

Be generous with your experience, knowledge, and space. We want everyone to feel heard and that their voice and goals matter. If we hear someone’s ideas and we have helpful advice, we must share the information in a respectful manner. We must also understand that everyone is different, and their way of communicating may be different as well. Be aware of not taking up too much time, allowing everyone to have their fair amount of time to share for everyone’s voice to be fully valued.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a one-time coaching experience, if you did not find the answer you were looking for you can contact another coach to help you answer your questions. You can ask a specific coach a question, thank them for their help, and look for other coaches in our pool. However, if you would like your coach to become a mentor, it’s the mentee’s job to work on building that relationship.

You should do some research on your coach so you can have questions prepared about their path or anything that you are interested in about their experience. If you want help on a specific subject but do not know what to ask, you can search for frequently asked questions on the subject and base your questions off of that. You should also fill out the pre-session reflection you received via e-mail before your coaching session.

We recommend that you confirm your appointment via email and that you coordinate the method of communication with your coach. You can choose to meet virtually or in person.

This is a professional coaching program, you may ask questions and guidance about your career, academic journey, and how to integrate your culture into your careers. We advise you to keep your relationship professional unless you mutually decide with your coach to continue your relationship past your one interaction.

HOPE facilitates the interaction; it will be up to you and your coach to determine how much time you need to accomplish your goal. However, the “” appointments are typically set for 30 minutes, with just a few exceptions.

Yes! Pop-Up Coach is a coaching program that allows people to contact different coaches. The mission of this program is to allow students to explore different careers and prepare you to achieve your professional goals. Thus, there are multiple coaches with different experiences that will benefit you best if you understand each of their perspectives about their path.


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For questions or more information on the HOPE Pop-Up Coach contact Program Associate Kimberly Salinas

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