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Elevating the Latina Experience

HOPE gathers data, and publishes research and policy recommendations, that uplift Latina experiences and drive narrative change.

With the help of HOPE’s reports, the demands of our diverse communities can be fully heard in the halls of power and reflected in public policy. Here is how our research helps to drive progress:

  • It was instrumental in creating the California State Legislature’s Unseen Latinas Initiative to address the continued and growing inequality that California Latinas experience in economic outcomes, career and leadership opportunities, and education.
  • HOPE has participated in hearings and briefings on the economic status of Latinas to the California State Legislature, California Governor’s Economic Forum, and the New York Latino Legislative Caucus.
  • Data on Latina representation has resulted in the appointment of Latinas to crucial leadership positions at the federal, statewide, and local levels.
  • It has inspired data-driven Latina-centered stories in major media outlets nationwide.

Just Prosperity and Income Equality

Latinas nationwide are breaking barriers and claiming space as leaders despite the steep economic, health, and education disparities we experience. When Latinas have the equal opportunity we need to succeed, all communities prosper. Discover HOPE’s flagship reporting on the economic status of Latinas, and learn about the power of Latinas as a political and economic engine.

Civic Engagement and Leadership

Latinas tend to lead in ways that center equity, build bridges, and will be key to sustaining a robust multiracial democracy. We are civic powerhouses, outpacing our male counterparts in voter turnout, driving our families’ civic engagement, and organizing within our communities. Yet we still face persistent underrepresentation, underinvestment, and opportunity gaps. HOPE’s research shows that by investing in Latinas, we stand to gain more adaptive and responsive leaders, and a more engaged electorate, capable of supporting stronger and more equitable communities.

Health Equity

Economic and political parity can only be achieved when Latinas and their families have equal access to quality, affordable healthcare. HOPE research around health uncovers disparities in Latinas’ health outcomes, access to healthcare, and lack of representation in medical professions, a key piece to ensuring greater equity in care, and provides concrete recommendations to achieve health equity for Latinas.

Racial Justice

Communities of color deserve to speak for ourselves and ensure our voices are heard. HOPE’s polling and panel discussions on Californians of color’s experiences with racism and discrimination, gathered in partnership with other community groups, gives visibility to the opinions and priorities of our communities. 

HOPE Data Partnerships

HOPE partners with organizations across the country in inviting Latinas and other marginalized communities to share their experiences and recommend solutions to the systemic inequities they face.

Youth-Centered Strategies for Hope, Healing, and Health

Check out this collective policy agenda we supported to build youth-serving systems’ capacity to provide effective, compassionate care for young people and their communities.

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