Latina Support and Inspiration at HOPE Events

At HOPE events, something profound and beautiful happens. We see students getting guidance from fellow Latinas to chase meaningful, empowering careers. We see professionals across borders discussing strategies for amplifying Latina voices. We see leaders organizing their community members to push for equitable policy change.

HOPE events bring Latinas and our supporters together to learn, advocate, and celebrate. In these unique spaces, Latinas strengthen our community ties and are reminded of all that we can achieve when we work together.

Latina History Day® - Los Angeles

Held annually on the second Friday in March, this event recognizes and celebrates the historic and current achievements of Latinas during Women’s History Month, while embracing the rich diversity of the Latina experience. From high school students to professionals, all are welcome to take part in forums and workshops on career advancement, current community issues, and financial empowerment. Get inspired and energized by our keynote speakers and make connections with Latina leaders and small business owners at our Comadre Network.

Latina Action Day® - Sacramento

This is the only advocacy day that centers the voices and experiences of Latinas at statewide policy-making tables. Hundreds of Latinas from all regions of California come together at this annual conference to meet with elected officials about policies that affect our communities. Through town halls, public hearings, and workshops, HOPE presents data and offers direct contact with decision makers on critical education, healthcare, and economic and civic empowerment issues.

Anniversary Awards Dinner

The Anniversary Awards Dinner is our annual gala recognizing the commitment of HOPE’s community partners and supporters. At the event, we honor outstanding Latina leaders with our Ray of HOPE and Spirit of HOPE awards. The support we receive from this event sustains our programs and events, advocacy efforts, and research as we work to build political and economic power among Latinas all across the United States.

Latina Empowerment Days

Latina Empowerment Day is an annual one-day, intensive workshop series created to empower Latinas to increase their community impact and strengthen their skills and knowledge on a variety of issues. This event is hosted across cities in California each fall. Stay tuned to discover if HOPE will travel to a city near you!

Young Professionals Summit

This conference supports the professional development of Latinas ages 18-26, and is the signature conference of the HOPE College Leadership Program. With topical interactive workshops, Latinas early in their careers get the guidance and connections they need to excel in their chosen paths. Past topics include how to budget and save, navigate higher education, and build careers that meet our individual needs and lifestyles.

Virtual Programming

HOPE is dedicated to ensuring Latina leadership flourishes everywhere. We’re committed to bringing our informative and empowering workshops and opportunities to connect with fellow community members to more Latinas, without being bound by time or place. Enter our virtual programming! We offer several opportunities throughout the year to engage as a community online. Check back often to see our latest offerings and browse our past events to continue your learning.

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