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To share an Alumnae Accomplishment, please contact Guadalupe Lazaro, Communications & Development Associate at

January 2023

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  • Elizabeth Esquivel | HLI Class of 2018: Elected to the Yolo County Office of Education

  • Lissette Mendez Garcia | HLI Class of 2021: Re-Elected El Monte City School Board Member

  • Senator Monique Limon | 2018 Binational Fellow: Appointed Chair of the California Senate Democratic Caucus

  • Nora Vargas | HLI Class of 2001: First Latina Chair of San Diego County Board

  • Diana Lara | HLI Class of 2022: Named Community Relations Manager at San Diego State University

  • Ana Gonzalez Seda | HLI Class of 2022: Voted in as Co-Chair for the Office of Health Equity with the CA Dept. of Public Health

  • Norma Rojas-Mora | HLI Class of 2009: Appointed to the Bakersfield Public Safety/Vital City Services Measure Citizens Oversight Committee

  • Margita Thompson | Honorary HLI: Named Chief Communications and Community Engagement Officer at Aventiv Technologies

  • Dr. Yammilette Rodriguez, DPA | HLI Class of 2002 : Received her Doctorate of Public Administration from West Chester University 

  • Rita Gallardo Good | HLI Class of 2008 & Mariana Corona Sabeniano | HLI Class of 2015 : Named Top 25 Latino Change Makers by the Sacramento Bee

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