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Youth Leadership Program (HYLP)

The HOPE Youth Leadership Program (HYLP) is a statewide development program designed to prepare low-income, high school-age Latinas for a self-sufficient future that will allow for economic and political parity through a college education. The objectives of the HYLP include college preparation, financial empowerment, enhanced civic participation and the promotion of healthy living.

HOPE's Youth Leadership Program reaches more than 300 high school-aged Latinas annually. The program consists of two tracks. Track I a six-month leadership development program for 11th grade Latina students. Track II, a conference track that consists of Latina History Day and Latina Action Day.


Launched in 2004, the HYLP has trained over 3,700 Latina students of which 500 have graduated from the intensive six-month HYLP leadership program. The HYLP continues to deliver on its goal to strengthen leadership while building a pipeline of college-bound Latina leaders.

Track I (Six-month leadership program)


A six-month development program that fosters a network of support and college going culture for first-generation, low-income high school age Latinas. The program trains 36 Latina 11th graders from across the State. The HYLP- leadership program hosts students from 8 counties Alameda, Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Jose, and Solano. The HOPE Youth Leadership Program participants are selected by partnering nonprofits or school districts, to learn more about the selection process click the button below. 

Track I Components

  • Civics Project that addresses current issues impacting young Latinas

  • HOPE's Conferences: Latina History Day and Latina Action Day

  • Training session focused on STEM and Career Exposure, Financial Literacy, College Admissions, Civic Education & Advocacy, and personal development.

  • Site visits to various companies, CSU Campus, La City Hall and California State Capitol.

  • Quarterly check-ins during and after completing the program to support with College Enrollment

  • Program culmination reception in which participants receive a certificate of completion

Track II (Conference track)

A more condensed program where participants attend HOPE's two main annual conferences. The conferences provide participants with opportunities for educational  development, career exploration and networking with  HOPE's extensive network of Latina professionals.


  • Participation in HOPE's Latina History Day

  • Participation in HOPE's Latina Action Day

HOPE offers high school students and affiliates student discount pricing for HOPE events. High School attendees must be accompanied by a chaperone or guardian. Proof of enrollment required. ​Participants are expected to pay conference registration fees. If you would like to have your school sponsor a group of students contact Genesis Discua, Community Engagement Coordinator, via email at

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For questions or more information on the HOPE Youth Leadership Program contact:

Lauren Salaiz
Youth Programs Manager
(213) 223-5428 

Diana Amaya
Director of Programs
(213) 595-2489 

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