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Latinas Power Up.

Because Equality Can't Wait.


Our Project

Our Network

Latinas in leadership roles have a duty to ensure they are cultivating other Latinas to fill leadership positions in the public and private sectors. I work with HOPE because they are an effective and respected organization in equipping Latinas to lead at the highest levels.

California State Assemblymember Monique Limón 

HOPE Binational Fellow

Monique Limon.jpeg
Ina Minjarez_Binational headshot

Latinas in Texas are rising up to fulfill their leadership potential; HOPE will be an additional resource and catalyst to advance Latinas to statewide leadership opportunities.

Texas State Representative Ina Minjarez

HOPE Binational Fellow

Working with HOPE in Illinois will increase the number of Latinas appointed to statewide commissions.  HOPE has a solid track record in California that needs to be duplicated across the United States for training and promoting Latina leaders.

Illinois Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza

First Latino independently elected to statewide office in IL

HOPE Binational Fellow

Gabriela Plascencia .jpeg

Latinos make up 53% of the population in Riverside and yet we are far from having political representation on boards, commissions, school boards, and other elected seats. 

Riverside Councilwoman Gabriela Plascencia

First Latina elected to Riverside City Council

HOPE Leadership Institute Alumna

As the First Latina Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, I know first hand the importance of having advocates supporting Latinas in positions of power. HOPE expanding to Colorado would be an added value to Latinas who are ready to serve and lead.

Crisanta Duran

Former Speaker of the Colorado House of House of Representatives

The first and only Latina elected Speaker of the House in state history

HOPE Binational Fellow

Maria Regan Gonzalez - Credit Ackerman G

Minnesota is ready for HOPE.  We can work together to lift up, recruit and train numerous Latinas to advance their leadership in key roles in both Government and Corporate America.

Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez 
Richfield, MN

HOPE Binational Fellow

As an advisor to HOPE in their efforts to expand across the U.S., I can attest to their commitment to representing the vast diversity of Latinas in both their strategic planning and recruitment of leaders. This commitment and HOPE’s track-record of  successfully recruiting Latinas for leadership positions in California is key to accelerating Latinas into both public and private leadership roles in other states.

Julissa Ferreras

Former New York City Council Member

HOPE Binational Advisory Member

Julissa Ferreras_Binational headshot 202

Through HOPE we can work together to ensure Latinas in Massachusetts are serving at all levels of government and are considered for corporate boards.

Eneida Roman

Founder/Principal, Roman Law Offices

Co-Founder, Latina Circle and Amplify Latinx

HOPE Binational Advisory Member

I have been a part of HOPE's program and network for over 15 years. In that time every leadership position I have held from chief of staff for Mayor James Hahn to trustee at The Woodrow Wilson Center, I have turned to HOPE as a resource to appoint and hire Latina leaders to positions of power. As chair of the Binational Fellowship Program, I am witnessing firsthand how HOPE's success in California can be transformative across the U.S.

Nathalie Rayes

President & CEO, Latino Victory

HOPE Binational Advisory Chair

Nathalie Rayes 3.jpg

Leadership is What We Do

The Challenge

Political and corporate leaders hold power that shape public policy and institutions, but Latinas face barriers imposed by gender, race, and ethnic discrimination, compounded by a lack of social capital necessary to access this power.

The Solution

By identifying, training, recruiting, and coaching Latinas to step into influential positions, HOPE will fast-track women into public office and corporate leadership to advocate for policies and systems changes that empower women. Through content creation and advocacy, HOPE will shape public opinion in support of Latinas and women of color in power. 


HOPE activates a super-connected, existing network of more than 1,200 Latina leaders in California, and 50 Latina executives in key states across the country – positioning us to successfully implement  a transformative women’s leadership infrastructure. 

The Impact

By deepening work in California and expanding our programs and network to at least five additional states, HOPE will connect 400 women to leadership positions in every sector. Latinas will usher in a new era of leadership that uplifts all communities through HOPE.

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