Social Media Etiquette - Your Personal Brand

Social media Etiquette is unwritten rules/manners for how to engage with others on social platforms, how to present yourself and how to be safe while online. This session covered basic social media etiquette for young professionals. It also covered how to use social media and specific platforms to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Laura Rodriguez, social media expert, led the discussion about to create, maintain, and amplify your own brand on social media. She talked about how to create a feed and list of people to follow, maintain a healthy balance of online engagement, and plans on how to improve your brand presence.

After the discussion, she shared an important article about some of the consequences of having an online platform. Click here to read it.

Below is the recording of the webinar for those who could not attend.

Blog Question: What tools have you began or hope to use for your personal social media brand? Comment your answers below!

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