Latinas in History Discussion

NOTE: This session was *NOT* recorded.

This was an engaging and fun discussion about Latina leaders and what it means to be a leader. HOPE's very own CEO, Helen Torres, shared a few words of wisdom about what it meant to be a Latina leader and lessons she learned throughout her career and now with HOPE.

We then had a small breakout activity where the scholars discussed amongst themselves a latina leader in their networks whether it was a mentor, someone in their workplace, etc. We came back together and had the opportunity to discuss some of the similarities they found between all the leaders they chose and some traits they found to be in an effective Latina leader.

In order to make this discussion a little more fun and interactive, we played the "Latinas in History" Game where our scholars had to answer questions on Kahoot! based on a list of latinas we had sent earlier. It was a really fun and engaging way to have our scholars learn about some of these powerful Latinas who have made history. We had a debrief and through our discussion, thought about how much of our own history we have yet to learn. Through this powerful and insightful discussion, we learned how important it is for us latinas to reiterate these stories and be the storytellers for our communities.

We ended this wonderful discussion by discussing some important Census and Project changes. With the Census extension, we decided to extend the Op-Ed project as well.

New Op-Ed Project Deadline: Friday, June 19th at 11:59PM (PST)

You can access the Latinas in History list in this blog. You can also review the new project deadline here.

Latinas in History List
Download PDF • 18.15MB

Blog Question: Going back to the first webinar on leadership, what are some leadership traits you identified on your leadership wheel that you see in your Latina leaders today. What are some traits you have been actively working on? Post your comments below!

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