Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

*NOTE: This session was NOT recorded*

In this session, Lupita Martinez, LMFT, facilitated an important discussion on Imposter Syndrome. This phenomenon is very common in our community, especially Latinas, as we tend to nod off our accomplishments and merits. Examples of this include, “I only got accepted into college because of Affirmative Action. I just got lucky when I got this internship. I don’t belong in this class with all these smart people.”

During this discussion she described the five different types of “Imposters”, how to identify this phenomenon within ourselves, tips on how to work through this syndrome, and different techniques on how to best avoid this from happening to you or someone you know.

We also discussed various coping strategies to alleviate impostor syndrome including positive self-talk/affirmations and collecting positive feedback.

Please read through the slides to review or learn about what Imposter Syndrome is and how we as individuals and a community can overcome this obstacle.

Discussion Question: One of Lupita’s favorite ways of overcoming Imposter Syndrome is creating a “List of Badassery” – a list of traits or attributes you think make you a BADASS Latina.

Click here to have access to the slides and worksheet!

Share below 5 things you would write down on your list? (Whatever you are comfortable sharing)

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