Affirming Your Leadership Strengths Webinar

For this webinar, we had our scholars take the "Strengths Finders" Quiz from Gallup in order to obtain their top 5 leadership strengths.

We had guest speaker and Gallup University grad, Yammilette Rodriguez, facilitate a discussion about what those strengths mean and how our scholars can utilize them in their professional and personal lives. Some examples of those strengths were Achiever, Discipline, Connectedness, Learner, Relator, etc. All these strengths have their own definition and relation to other other strengths.

Yammilette gave powerful insight on how we can reflect on these strengths and utilize them in order to work with others, define career paths, and how we can be the best Latina leader possible.

Blog Question: What "Strength" did you get that surprised you the most and why? How will you start to utilize this strength? (Please answer in the comments below).

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