HYLP Program Highlights

Program Highlights

HOPE celebrates 15 years of the HOPE Youth Leadership Program (HYLP)! The HYLP educates high school students to become leaders and encourages them to go on to college. Participants of the program receive critical financial literacy and civic engagement trainings that are tailored to their needs in an age-appropriate and culturally sensitive manner.   



Participants of the targeted 6 month program conduct an intensive research project entitled “Assessing College Opportunity for Latinas” in which they collect over 300 surveys from Latinas in their senior year of high school to determine in what areas Latinas are being supported, and what areas they lack the resources to successfully apply and attend a college or university. The reports also investigate civic engagement and health within the Latina communities at the participants' schools.

The following PowerPoint presentations report on the data collected by participants in their respective high schools, and the recommendations they prepared and presented at the Youth Town Hall at Latina Action Day in Sacramento, to an audience of young Latina Leaders from across the state, and later to their legislative members.

Digital Story Projects

Thanks to a grant form the Comcast Foundation the participants of the HOPE Youth Leadership Program have the opportunity to turn their advocacy research projects into a digital story. These digital stories paint a picture of the participants experience in the program as well highlight a critical issues to young Latinas in the their communities and proposes solutions to those issues. Below are the HOPE Youth Leadership Program Class of 2016 video projects. 


For questions or more information on the HOPE Youth Leadership Program contact:

Diana Amaya
Director of Programs
(213) 595-2489