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HYLP Program Highlights

Program impacts

HOPE is celebrating 18 years of the HOPE Youth Leadership Program.  The HYLP educates high school students to become leaders and encourages them to go on to college. Participants of the program receive critical financial literacy and civic engagement trainings that are tailored to their needs in an age-appropriate and culturally sensitive manner.

educational achievement

HYLP program alumnae are defying the opportunity gap and outpacing their peers in high school graduation, college enrollment and degree completion.

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regional impact

  • Bay Area: Oakland, San Jose

  • Central Valley: Arvin, Bakersfield, Fresno, Shafter

  • Los Angeles Area: Compton, Los Angeles, San Fernando, Venice

  • Inland Empire: Riverside, San Bernardino

  • Northern California: Calistoga, Napa, Sacramento, Vacaville

  • Orange County: Costa Mesa, Santa Ana

  • San Diego

civics Project - State of latinas 

Every year the participants of the HOPE Youth Leadership Program Track I, embark on a civic project that aims to highlight the opportunities and challenges that impact young people in California. Through first-hand research these young leaders shine light on the state of Latina teens in California. The present their findings to a townhall of youth leaders and community decision-makers, they later submit policy recommendations to their elected representatives and school administrators.

program testimonial


For questions or more information on the HOPE Youth Leadership Program contact:

Diana Amaya
Director of Programs
(213) 595-2489 

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