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We are proud to introduce the 2022 HOPE College Leadership Program Scholars. HCLP will train 98 Latina leaders from across the country with students representing 11 key states like Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Arizona. These first-generation young leaders are from diverse backgrounds and varying interests and career goals. We commend them for investing in their personal and career development. HCLP Scholars will spend four months building social capital, developing their political voice, and enhancing their soft skills to prepare them for today's workforce. The 2022 cohorts will join a network of hundreds of HOPE alumnae committed to improving political and economic parity for all communities and increasing Latina leadership representation across the United States.

Meet the HCLP 2022 COHORTS

Cohort 1

Cohort 2

Abigail Estrada.jpg

Abigail Estrada

Allegheny College

Alejandra Yepez.jpeg

Alejandra Yepez

Merced College

Alexia Martinez.jpeg

Alexia Martinez

Baylor University

Alma Cuevas.jpg

Alma Cuevas

University of California, Irvine

Cynthia Gomez.jpg

Cynthia Gomez

Wellesley College

Ellianna Aguilera.jpg

Ellianna Aguilera

Cal Poly Pomona

Frida Calvo Huerta.jpg

Frida Calvo Huerta

University of California,

Julie Gomez.jfif

Julie Gomez

University of California,

Karina Ramirez Gonzalez.jfif

Karina Ramirez Gonzalez

California State University,
San Marcos

Karina Ramirez.jpg

Karina Ramirez

University of California, Irvine

Kayla Munguia.jpg

Kayla Munguia

University of California,
Los Angeles

Marisol Ornelas.jpg

Marisol Ornelas

University of California,
Santa Cruz

Naomi Lopez.jfif

Naomi Lopez

University of California,

Ruth Rivera.jpg

Ruth Rivera

California State University, Long Beach

Starlynn Mendez.jfif

Starlynn Mendez

Guilford College

Valeria Ibarra.jpg

Valeria Ibarra

University of California,
Los Angeles

Victoria Vargas.jpg

Victoria Vargas

University of California, Los Angeles

Alejandra Magallon.jpg

Alejandra Magallon

University of San Francisco

Alexa Aguilar.jpg

Alexa Aguilar Castaneda

University of California, Berkeley

Alma Castillo.jpeg

Alma Castillo

University of California,

Anayeli Ascencio.jpg

Anayeli Ascencio

University of California,

Diana Guardado.jpg

Diana Guardado

Menlo College

Emely Reyes.jfif

Emely Reyes

Bowdoin College

Jennifer Rivera.jpg

Jennifer Rivera

University of California,
Los Angeles

Julie Velasquez Herrera.jpeg

Julie Velazquez Herrera

University of California, Davis

Karina Granados.jpg

Karina Granados

University of California, Berkeley

Kathia Perez.jpg

Kathia Perez

Lake Forest College

Lizbeth Guerra.jpg

Lizbeth Guerra

Metropolitan State University
of Denver

Melanie Hernandez.jpg

Melanie Hernandez

University of Houston

Nicole Hernandez.jpg

Nicole Hernandez

Cal Poly Pomona

Sayuri Toribio.jpg

Sayuri Toribio

Regis University

Stephanie Mata.jpg

Stephanie Mata

Baylor University

Veronica Perez.jfif

Veronica Perez

Moorpark College Park

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