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Online Professional Network for Latina College Students

Pop Up Coach is a web-based coaching program that brings first-generation Latina college students together with Latina professionals. This coaching program will provide students with the opportunity to learn about various careers, get advice and refine their job search skills. The program intends to build the social capital of first-gen students while facilitating integration into the workforce.

How It Works

Check out the different coaches below. These volunteer are subject matter experts in different fields. In the profiles, you will see their short bio, area of expertise, and current location. Once you choose who you want to meet with, schedule an appointment with them on their You Can Book Me account at the top of their profile. Once you get in contact with your coach, decide on the best form of communication for both of you and hopefully connect as soon as possible through their preferred form of communication. Once you connected with your coach, please be sure to fill out the student check in survey linked below and in your confirmation email. 

Coaches Profiles

Maria T. Aguirre



Public affairs

Los Angeles, ca

Rosie arroyo


sun valley, ca

araceli Almazan


Los Angeles, ca

Lisa Trujillo Kirkland


Sacramento, ca

Sandra salazar


Higher Education


Naomi Rodriguez

Public Affairs


Los Angeles, ca

Elizabeth romero

Higher education

indio, ca

Alicia Isaacs

Public Policy


Patricia Alarcon

Public affairs

community relations

higher education

Code of Conduct

  • Be Supportive.

    • We foster a space where Latinas can help each other rise. This requires an intentional desire to support one another, sharing our knowledge and experience.  Everyone will be able to learn and thrive through this supportive coaching. Confidentiality is key to creating a safe space, the personal stories shared by coaches and participants alike are not to be repeated to others without clear consent. This includes social media or personal conversations you may have with friends or family. 


  • Be Respectful.

    • We respect people’s experiences, backgrounds, and opinions. Therefore, we must understand that we might encounter different perspectives on certain topics, and respect whatever it may be in order to continue fostering a safe space for people to share each other’s experiences. Agree to disagree on certain occasions and understand that it is fine to stop a conversation before it sparks an issue. Take into consideration that our words will always have an effect, it is upon us whether that is a positive or a negative one. Any form of harassment or exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to dismissal from the program. 


  • Empower.

    • We empower other Latinas through helping advance each other’s goals. We provide each other with the necessary tools to thrive in our fields. Our experience may be helpful to another Latina in her path. Therefore, we must understand that we are here to support each other and help each other achieve our goals. 


  • Be Generous.

    • Be generous with your experience, knowledge, and space. We want everyone to feel heard and that their voice and goals matter. If we hear someone’s ideas and we have helpful advice, we must share the information in a respectful manner. We must also understand that everyone is different, and their way of communicating may be different as well. Be aware of not taking up too much time, allowing everyone to have their fair amount of time to share for everyone’s voice to be fully valued. 


  • Be Prepared.

    • Be prepared for everything that you commit to. Make sure you make the necessary arrangements to be on time. Everyone is making an effort to help each other grow, this means that people are committing and sharing their valuable time. Make sure you invest your time wisely, do not rush, but be prepared to use this time efficiently. 


  • Understand the Mission.

    • Understand the mission of the program in order to take advantage of this opportunity. This a coaching program to help Latinas connect and prepare for their professional future. It is strictly forbidden to use this program to sell a product or for any political reasons. You may not divulge the personal information, contact or otherwise of a coach or participant to anyone. By participating in this program you are adhering to HOPE’s confidentiality agreement. 

Pop-up coach

Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?

Mentoring is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect. Coaching, on the other hand, is for a short period of time. Mentoring is more focused on creating an informal association between the mentor and mentee, whereas coaching follows a more structured and formal approach. Coaching is to meet a more immediate need. The goal of this coaching program is to help you in the short-term with questions/guidance with transitions into the workforce or with internships, graduate school or exploring a career interest for example.


How do I select my coach?

First, you go to the Instant Coach website. Then, you will find multiple coaches. As you go through the page, you will find their fields on their main profile. Once you find your field of interest, place your cursor on their profile and you will find a more detailed description of their professional biographies. When you identify the coach you would like to work with, feel free to schedule an appointment on their account. 


How do I make an appointment?

You go to the Instant Coach website, find the mentor you want to meet with, put the cursor over their profile and click on the top link which will lead you to their you can book me account. 


How can I use this program to my benefit?

First, set goals: why is this coach the best to help you advance your career goals? What is it specifically about them that will help you grow? After you answer these questions, create a short list of different goals that you have, and begin thinking about your way to get there. Then, think about different questions that you might have about the path towards these goals, and how can the coaches help you answer them (it could be with their specific experience in the field, with their experience as a Latina, or in your conversation, find out different qualities or obstacles that you both might share). Then, when you have chosen your coach, schedule a time to talk to them. Send them an email introducing yourself, tell them what your career interests are, and let them know why you are interested in setting up a call or meeting with them. 

If you are enjoying this conversation, try setting up a plan where your coach can help you achieve some short term goals that can prepare you for your bigger goal. That way, you will continue the interaction and hopefully build a relationship with your coach. 

Follow-up email: thank your coach for their time, and if you had a productive meeting, try scheduling another time to meet or talk to continue learning more about different opportunities and how to continue to prepare for those. 

Recommended video: 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation 

What if my coach does not answer my emails?

If you cannot contact your coach, please contact HOPE’s Youth Programs Director Diana Amaya at Another option is to find another coach that could also help you reach your goals. 


Can I have more than one coach?

Yes. Instant Coach is a coaching program that allows people to contact different coaches. The mission of this program is to allow students to explore different careers and prepare you to achieve your professional goals. Thus, there are multiple coaches with different experiences that will benefit you best if you understand each of their perspectives about their path. 

What are the max/min amount of hours I can meet with my coach?


HOPE facilitates the interaction, it will be up to you and your coach to determine how much time you need to accomplish your goal. 


What kind of topics are open for discussion/can I get help on? 

This is a professional coaching program, you may ask questions and guidance about your career, academic journey how to integrate your culture into your careers. We advise you keep your relationship professional unless you mutually decide with your couch to continue your relationship past your one interaction.


What methods of communication or contact can I have with my coach? 

We recommend that you confirm your appointment via email and that your coordinate method of communication with your coach.


If I’m meeting my coach in person, how should I dress?

It depends on the reason you and your coach are meeting. However, it is highly encouraged that you wear business casual clothes if you are having a casual meet. If you are doing a mock interview, you should dress as you would for an interview. 

How can I prepare for my call with my coach?  

You should do some research on your coach so you can have questions prepared about their path, or anything that you are interested in about their experience. If you want help on a specific subject but do not know what to ask, you can search for frequently asked questions on the subject and base your questions off of that. 

What if I don’t like my coach? 

Because this is a one-time coaching experience, if you did not find the answer you were looking for you can contact another coach to help you answer your questions. You can ask a specific coach a question, thank them for their help, and look for other coaches in our pool. However, if you want to have a coach as a mentor, it is the mentee’s job to work on building that relationship. 


Where do I find the check-in Survey for after the meeting? 

You will find the check in Survey at page (link it here too) 



What if I already have a account?


It depends on the ideal times you would like students to contact you. If you already have a account, but you do not want to assign all of that time for students to contact you, we can create another one for you specifically for this program. 

Is this a long-term commitment? 

The commitment for our pilot program is through September, as we test the efficiency of the program. After that, you can choose to continue being a coach, or you may choose to opt out. If at some point between now and September you can no longer commit, please contact Diana (include email) 

Where will my biography be published?


You biography and information will be published in the HCLP Instant Coach webpage. The webpage will be password protected and only students who are part of this program will have access to this information. 



How will the students be assigned?


Students will have the option to see the different coaches who are available to help them achieve their goals. After they have read the coaches information, they will choose to contact the professionals with the expertise that they are looking for. They can choose one, or multiple coaches. Therefore, the students will contact you with specific questions, and you may have one, or multiple students that you are working with. 


Will I see the pool of students? 


Students short bios will be posted on the webpage if you are interested in accessing them. 



What if my student misses the appointment? 


Feel free to follow up with them and please fill out the survey for HOPE staff to adequately track program usage. 


What if the student is inappropriate?

Please contact Diana Amaya, Youth Program Manager, to her email or her phone number (213) 595-2489. 



How can I help my students?


Even though this is a coaching program, there are multiple articles explaining the best ways to be a mentor. In order to prepare our coaches, we could send them these articles about how they can better engage with the students, for them to feel prepared to interact with students and better equip them for this program. Recommended Article: How to Be an Amazing Mentor: 12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Others” 

After being contacted by your student, you can maybe ask them what their career interests are, and what are some short term and long term goals. Before you have your call or meet, you can make a list of things that you would have liked to know to prepare to get where you are now, different challenges that were presented to you, and how did you overcome these challenges. After this, you can work with your student to set different goals to learn how you can best assist them in this process. 



For questions or more information on the HOPE College Leadership Program contact:

Diana Amaya
Senior Manager of Youth Programming & Civic Engagement

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