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your mission: election 2022


the power of your vote

In California, Latinas comprise approximately 20% of the population, accounting for nearly 39% of all women in the State.


Recent data from a study conducted by USC ERI & HOPE suggests California Latinas are more likely to turn out to vote than their male counterparts, with 68% of registered Latinas showing out to vote in the 2020 general election.


 Latinas' lived experiences, family and community needs are motivating factors for our civic participation. That's why we are agents of change and have powerful  influence in our homes, places of work, and communities. 

Let's activate those superpowers this Election 2022!

prepare to vote

Online voter registration has ended but you can you can still complete the Same Day Voter Registration Process.

Click here for a list of Early Voter Locations where you can register to vote.

Need to register on Election Day?

Click here to find your local polling place.

ACTIVATE YOUR superhero team!

Are you all set to vote? Pues assemble your Superhero Team! It's going to take all of us Latinas to get loud and make an impact this election. Click on the buttons below to access sample captions and graphics you can share on your social media channels. And remember to use the hashtag #ThisLatinaVotes for a chance to be re-posted on HOPE's channels. 

Important Dates Census

Important election dates

Superheroes know the details of their mission! Keep these important dates as you prepare to vote. 

October 24

Last Day to Register to Vote Online or Postmark by
October 24, 2022

September 29 - October 18, 2022

Secretary of State's office will mail the Official Voter Information Guide during this period


October 10, 2022

Vote by mail ballots are mailed out no later than this date

October 10 - November 7, 2022

Early voting sites are open


October 29, 2022

Counties that are part of the Voter's Choice Act will open

Vote Centers

November 8, 2022:

In-person voting on Election Day!

Polls are open 7 am to 8 pm

Find your polling place

Click here for more key dates and deadlines

GEt to know the Los Angeles City Mayoral Candidates

Did you know the City of Los Angeles has the highest percentage of Latina voters in the entire country? Our vote has a huge impact in these elections and HOPE wants to ensure Angelinas are informed and understand how the next mayor of L.A. will influence critical issues to Latinas like public safety, small business, sexual harassment and more. You have the power to help decide who will be the next mayor to lead the City of Los Angeles.

This questionnaire is part of HOPE's work to educate voters and encourage civic participation. This candidate questionnaire is for purely educational purposes to inform voters. HOPE does not endorse or oppose any of the candidates for public office.

Virtual Café con Los Angeles City Mayoral Candidates


Watch our Virtual Café con Los Angeles City Mayoral Candidates Rick J. Caruso and Congresswoman Karen Bass. The mayoral candidates sat down with HOPE CEO Helen Torres to talk about their vision for the City of Los Angeles and important issues impacting our communities.

Rick caruso.jpg



karen bass.jpg


Additional Latina 

VOter resources

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