Fellowship Coaches

The HOPE Binational Fellows will have direct access to Peer Coaches and Communication Coaches during the duration of the program with the aim of advancing the Fellow's leadership capabilities and elevating their public profile.  Peer Coaches will advise on developing impactful public policy, managing collaborations, working across barriers, and managing roles in public service. The HOPE Fellows will also be coached by communication experts on how to further develop their political and civic profile as part of their efforts to cultivate each Fellow's public service aspirations.

Communication Coaches

Dan Schnur

Professor of Political Communications and Leadership, University of Southern California & UC Berkeley

Sylvia Franco

CEO, Inclusion Strategy Group

Catherine Lew

Co-Founder& Principal Consultant, The Lew Edwards Group

Debbie Mesloh

Communications Consultant, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women

Margita Thompson

Vice President of Communications, California Resources Corporation (CRC)

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Christine Aghassi

Partner & COO, The Dolphin Group

Steve Haro

Principal, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas

Mike Madrid

Principal, Grassroots Lab

Leslie Sanchez

Contributor and Producer at CBS News, Political Analyst, Author, and Founder of Impacto Media

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For questions or more information on the HOPE Binational Fellowship contact:

Helen Torres 


Stephanie Ramírez Zárate

Senior Program Manager