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the 2020 economic status of latinas Report

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Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) presents this third report in its series on the Economic Status of Latinas in California. This report, which updates national, state and regional indicators on Latina economic progress compared to other major demographic groups, comes at a critical historic moment as the United States and the globe face a three-fold crises of public health, economic recession, and social upheaval in the face of enduring racism. As such, these findings represent a key touchstone in an economic and social reality that is quickly shifting, and serves to document a historical baseline for the economic status of Latinas before the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, providing the context for how they might fare and respond to the current financial losses to individuals and households, schools, and the greater corporate and public sectors.

The research was made possible by grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Wells Fargo. 

Advanced Prasie for HOPE's Economic Status of Latinas Report

"The HOPE “Economic Status of Latinas Report” makes clear the pain and anxiety of 2020 has often fallen hardest on Latinas in Santa Clara County. The report makes clear not only that Latinas face economic and health inequities in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also that it will take far longer for Latinas to regain the ground they have lost, and far too many of them will never get back the momentum they had in 2019. HOPE has provided us with a valuable snapshot of our Latina community that can be used to help us focus on equity as we make public policy decisions going forward."

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Cindy Chavez

"As a Families First advocate, one of my biggest concerns is the burden COVID-19 is putting on low-income women who are having to choose between working and staying home to take care of their children. Latinas are making those choices with often devastating repercussions each and every day. I thank HOPE for this report, as we look to illuminate the economic disparities that exist for Latinas so that we can continue to address them and emerge from this pandemic with clear goals and objectives to lift Latinas up."

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez

"Latinos make up 53%3 of the population in Riverside and yet we are far from having political representation on boards, commissions, school boards, and other elected seats."

Riverside City Councilmember Gabriela Plascencia

"Investing in Latinas needs to be a critical part of our post-COVID economic recovery plan as the Economic Status of Latinas Report by HOPE suggests. On average every Latina will make about 1.1 million dollars less in their productive careers, which in turn will rob America of trillions of dollars in taxes that they would otherwise be contributing to pay for schools, urban infrastructure, parks, hospitals, social security, etc. So when Latinas get paid less, America ultimately loses. We can no longer afford to rely only on Latina's strong work ethic and resiliency, we must actively and intentionally provide Latinas with the aid, mentorship, capital, education, and opportunities they need to thrive so that America can continue to thrive as well."

Beatriz Acevedo, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Suma Wealth

"The third report in the HOPE series provides a very timely and comprehensive economic analysis of Latinas in California. In this historically unprecedented time, the policy recommendations for reducing the education opportunity gap and improving health and economic well being offer a pathway for a better future for California." 

Mark Baldassare, President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Policy Institute of California

"With the release of this eye opening study, HOPE once again offers thoughtful analysis.  Ongoing demographic and economic trends attest to Latinas’ increasing impact on business, education, political and government sectors; however, effects of the pandemic on Latinas are exacerbating the opportunity gap that extends from disparities in educational attainment, barriers to successful entrepreneurship and a persistent wage gap that affects Latinas’ overall economic well-being. This report not only informs us. It also motivates us to take action. Every sector from government, corporate and philanthropy needs to make a large investment in the future of Latinas.”

Antonia Hernández, President & Chief Executive Officer, California Community Foundation

"The data from COVID-19 are becoming increasingly clear: the Latino community in California has been especially hard-hit by both the disease itself and by the economic aftermath. Latinas are facing some of the toughest pressures: women have been more likely to lose employment than men and also far more likely to be saddled with child care responsibilities, including a new role as at-home instructors. In that context comes this timely and well-researched report on Latinas in California. And while it does its share of chronicling problems, the report more importantly points to what the Golden State can gain from the entrepreneurial and civic spirit of Latinas. If you’re looking for hope in these troubled times, look no further than the work of HOPE in promoting Latina education, well-being, and leadership."

Manuel Pastor, Professor, Sociology / American Studies & Ethnicity, USC | Director, USC Equity Research Institute

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The Economic Status of Latinas Report

A Snapshot of the Nation, California and the HOPE Sample

The Economic Status of Latinas Report - A Snapshot of the Nation, California and the HOPE Sample (a group of over 500 Latina women surveyed by HOPE) paints a picture of the increasing impact and role Latinas have the state and U.S. economy highlighting their increased business ownership and millennial Latinas, yet also highlighting how wage disparities and college debt challenges are factors that affect Latinas’ trajectory towards economic success. This report was funded by a grant from Wells Fargo.


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The Economic Status of Latinas Report

Impacts of the Great Recession and Ensuring a Bright Economic Future for the United States

The Economic Status of Latinas Report examines how Latinas have weathered the challenging economic conditions of the Great Recession that started in late 2007 and their opportunities for future economic success, based on survey findings and demographic and economic indicators. This report was funded by a grant from Wells Fargo.


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