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Donate to HOPE

Thank you for making a donation to support HOPE!  Donations through the Friends of HOPE network, in any amount, are an investment in the continuous development of Latina leaders statewide and are key components in the success of our programs and conferences each year. 


Learn more about Friends of HOPE and join this vibrant network.


Make A One-Time Donation

Make a one-time donation to support HOPE.​


Start a payment plan

Make monthly or quarterly payments on a pledge for one year.


Start a Recurring donation

Start a hassle-free, uninterrupted monthly, quarterly or annual donation, that will continue until your credit card expires or you ask HOPE to stop payments.​


Monica Gil

"I proudly support HOPE because I know that at the very core of the organization and at the heart of its leadership, is the shared commitment to elevate, educate, embolden and empower Latinas."


Roxana Garcia

HYLP Graduate 2011

"I support HOPE because every Latina deserves equal educational opportunities.”


Maria Cisneros

"I support HOPE because HOPE gives a voice to a population that is growing in numbers but still need to be a strong voice at decision making board rooms. HOPE provides the training and guidance and support for Latinas interested in taking on the leadership roles in government, business and education."

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