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December 2022: Election Edition

*This information is posted for educational purposes only. As a 501(c)(3) organization, HOPE is nonpartisan, and does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office or participate in elections for or against any specific candidates in specific races. A candidate’s gender and ethnicity are only two of many factors voters may consider in deciding how to vote.*

  • Esmeralda Soria | HLI Class of 2013 : Elected to the California State Assembly

  • Wendy Carrillo | HLI Class of 2009: Re-Elected to the California State Assembly

  • Eva-Dina Delgado | 2018 Binational Fellow: Re-Elected to the Illinois House of Representatives

  • Susana Mendoza | 2019 Binational Fellow: Re-Elected Illinios State Comptroller

  • Rita Burks | HLI Class of 2022: Elected to Seaside City Council 

  • Consuelo Martinez | HLI Class of 2010: Re-Elected to Escondido City Council

  • Deborah Bautista Zavala | HLI Class of 2017: Re-Elected to the Woodland Joint Unified School District

  • Eileen Miranda Jimenez | HLI Class of 2010: Re-Elected to the West Covina Unified School District School Board

  • Georgina Ramirez | HLI Class of 2022: Elected to the Alvord Unified Board of Education

  • Mariana Corona Sabeniano | HLI Class of 2015: Elected to the Sacramento County Board of Education

  • Sophia Colon | HLI Class of 2022: Elected to the Stockton Unified School District Board

  • Christine Hernandez | HLI Class of 2021: Ran for Huntington Beach Union High School District Board of Trustees

  • Luz Molina | HLI Class of 2017: Elected to the City Council and named Vice Mayor of National City

  • Elizabeth Esquivel : HLI 2018: Elected to the Yolo County Office of Education
    Lissette Mendez Garcia | HLI 2021: Re-Elected to the El Monte City School Board

  • Cindy Chavez | 2019 Binational Fellow: Ran for Mayor of San Jose

  • Alejandra Sotelo Solis | HLI Class of 2011: Ran for Mayor of National City

  • Nelly Nieblas | HLI Class of 2019: Ran for Montebello School Board

  • Ruby Rose Yepez | HLI Class of 2022: Ran for El Monte Union High School District

  • Nora Vargas | HLI Class of 2001: Named Chair of the San Diego County of Supervisors


November 2022

nov www.png
  • Andrea Ambriz | HOPE Supporter: Appointed General Manager of Exposition Park by Governor Gavin Newsom

  • Susana Sandoval-Young | HLI Class of 2022: RNamed Board Member of the Los Angeles Urban League

  • Monica Villalobos | 2018 Binational Fellow: Named by Arizona Governor-Elect Kate Hobbs to lead her transition team

  • Kristan Venegas | HLI Class of '18 | Named Chief Learning, Data, and Evaluation Officer at Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

October 2022

  • Ashley Fumiko Dominguez | HLI Class of '21: Named Director of Federal Relations at University of California, Los Angeles

  • Monica Villalobos | 2018 Binational Fellow: Recipient of the Ohtli Award by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) through the General of Mexico in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Lisette Islas, HLI Class of '17; Ana Melgoza, HLI Class of '10; Kenia Zamarripa, HLI Class of '21 | Selected as the 2022 Top 50 Latina Leaders of Influence by San Diego Business Journal

  •  Dulce Vasquez | HLI Class of '22 | Promoted to Assistant Vice President for Strategic Advancement at Arizona State University

  • Maria Yeager | HLI Class of '02: Appointed by CSUSB as the New Associate Vice President for Government and Community Relations


September 2022

  • Nicole Parra | HLI Class of '99: Named Director of the CA Renewable Energy Laboratory at Kern Community College District

  • Edna Beccera | HLI Class of '10: Named Executive Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing at Whittier College

  • Monica Gil | HOPE Advisory Board Member: Appointed to the Nike Board of Directors

  • Lucy Santana | HLI Class of '05: Named for the Orange County Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business

August 2022

  • Denise Campos | HLI Class of '14: Recipient of the Latina Public Service Academy Leadership Award

  • Karmin Noar | HLI Class of '16: Named Vice President of Strategic Growth at San Diego Squared

  • Martha de la Torre | HLI Class of '03: Named El Clasificado Southern Business of the Year by the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • Laura Peralta | HLI Class of '11: Named Member of the USC Latino Alumni Association Board of Directors

  • Elizabeth Esquivel | HLI Class of '18: Named Assistant Executive Director of Governmental Relations for California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO)

  • Nena Torrez | HLI Class of '03: Selected to represent the CA Faculty Association as one of the seven voting delegates at the CA Labor Federation 2022 Biennial Convention

  • Nora Dominguez | HLI Class of '14: Named Director of Outreach for Special Programs at Bakersfield College


July 2022

July WWW a.jpg
  • Mariana Corona Sabeniano | HLI Class of '15: Elected trustee for Area 2 for the Sacramento County Board of Education

  • Maria L Villagomez | HLI Class of '07: Selected to serve as the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Santa Barbara City College

  • Mayra Flores | HLI Class of '19: Awarded the "2022 Woman of Influence" Award by Silicon Valley Business Journal

  • Lupita Sanchez Cornejo, HLI Class of 2000 & Ana Guerrero, Honorary HLI:  Los Angeles Business Journal Awards

  • Viridiana Diaz | HLI Class of 2010: Named Vice President of Student Affairs at California State University, San Marcos

  • Audrey Dow | Honorary HLI: Appointed to the California Student Aid Commission by Governor Newsom

June 2022

  • Diana Lara | HLI Class of '22: San Diego State University Outstanding Alumni Award

  • Maria Ventura | HLI Class of '06: Ventura County Leadership Academy's 2022 Business Leader of the Year Award

  • Martha Garcia | HLI Class of '14: Palm Springs Life 'Women Who Lead 2022' Honoree

  • Dolores Arredondo | Former Board Chair: Nominated to serve a 6 year tern as Alumnae Trustee at Wellesley College

Diana Lara.png

April 2022

Lupita S..png
  • Lupita Sanchez Cornejo| HOPE Board Member & HLI Class of '00 : Named AT&T's Regional Vice President of External Affairs for the Greater Los Angeles Region and Named Board Chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. First Woman of Color & Latina/o to lead in their 100 year history

  • Tracy M. Colunga | HLI Class of '21: Named Civic Engagement Director of Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University

  • Serina Correa | HLI Class of '18: Appointed to the 52nd District Agricultural Association (Sacramento County Fair Board) by Governor Gavin Newsom

  • Alhambra Mayor Sasha Renee Perez | HLI Class of '22: Appointed to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Commission by Supervisor Hilda L. Solis

  • Laura C. Romero, Ph.D. | HLI Class of '13: Reappointed to the CA State Summer School of the Arts

March 2022

  • Judge Lucy Armendariz  | HLI Class of '04 : Appointed to the Committee to review the Operations & Structure of the Commission on Judicial Performance by Governor Newsom

  • Audrey Dow | Honorary HLI: Appointed to the newly created California Health Workforce Education and Training Council by Governor Newsom

  • Virna L. Santos : Appointed as a Judge in the Fresno County Superior Court by Governor Newsom

March WWW 3.png

February 2022

WWW 1.png
  • Lourdes Guerrero | HLI Class of '05 : Named Associate Director, SOL-INCA Lab at UC San Diego

  • Supervisor Nora Vargas | HLI Class of '01: Appointed to the California Air Resources Board by Governor Gavin Newsom

  • Erica Ayala | HLI Class of '14: Featured in "People of Promise" by Blue Shield of California

  • Elizabeth Esquivel | HLI Class of '18: Appointed to the Yolo County Board of Education for Trustee Area 1

  • Sofia Navarro | HLI Class of '20: Launched Named Executive Director of the Oakland Workforce Development Board

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