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HOPE 2021 Legislative Priorities

HOPE is committed to ensuring political and economic parity for Latinas across the State of California. That's why our 2021 Legislative Priorities are in the areas of Health, Education, and Economic Equity. Read below to learn more about the Bills we support. Learn how you can take action in support of these Bills by joining us for our annual advocacy conference April 26-18 - Latina Action Day.


SB56 (Durazo) Medical for Undocumented Seniors

HOPE Position: Actively Support - Advocated for at Latina Action Day

This bill will expand Medical for all seniors over 65, no matter their immigration status. This is a previous HOPE priority and this year's support would be an extension of the organizations' #Health4All efforts in the past. The Latina voice is needed in this conversation because as a community we need to address health care access and inequities, this bill will provide an opportunity to expand eligibility to one of our most vulnerable populations.


SB 309 (Leyva) College Readiness 4 All

HOPE Position: Actively Support - Advocating for at Latina Action Day

This bill establishes the A–G Completion Improvement Grant Program for the purpose of providing additional support to local educational agencies (LEAs) to help increase the number of California high school students to attend a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU). As a top recommendation from HOPE's Economic Status of Latinas Report (ESLR), expanding access to college pathways is critical to closing the opportunity gap. HOPE's ESLR notes that Latinas' High School Completion rate increased to 86% in 2019 but is still significantly behind other students whose high school completion rate is 91%.

SB 309 will impact Latinas because in 2018, 63% of Latina recent high school completers enrolled in college, compared to 73% of White females, the gap widens for Latina students who are English Learners where only 40% enroll in college. Policies such as SB309 are critical investments in expanding A-G course offerings and widening the pathway to college enrollment for Latinas students.

AB1456 (Medina) CalGrant Reform Act

HOPE Position: Actively Support - Advocating for at Latina Action Day

This bill would revise the established provisions outlined in the Cal Grant Program by simplifying the requirements to better meet students’ actual costs to attend college. These reforms would make it easier for low-income students to receive aid and expand the range of students eligible for assistance. Community colleges serve higher proportions of Black and Latinx students, serving as a critical entry point to a bachelor’s degree. Students, particularly community college students, do not have reliable access to financial aid.

CIVIC & Economic Equity

AB37 (Berman) Permanent Universal Mail in Voting

HOPE Position: Actively Support 

Expanding access and ease of voting for all Californians is core to HOPE's Civic Engagement Values. According to Paul Mitchell from Political Data Inc, there are 3, 062,645 registered voters that identify as Latina in California. The #LatinaBloc is notably young and is slated to grow rapidly in the next decade. Advocating for fair & accessible elections benefits Latinas and all Californians.

SB702 (Limon) Gubernatorial Boards & Commissions Act

HOPE Position: HOPE SPONSOR BILL - Advocating for at Latina Action Day

HOPE believes that democracy and governance are stronger when everyone has a seat at the table. SB702 would require the office of the Governor to create an annual report on the demographic composition of all appointees made that year. This report will ultimately serve as a tool to highlight what voices and communities are missing from decision-making tables and offer concrete policy recommendations to diversify boards and commissions across the state. Increasing the diversity of California's board and commission members will reflect the rich diversity of California's population, creating a stronger state and more equitable communities.

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