Candidate for California Governor Questionnaire Series


As Californians begin to receive ballots in their mailboxes, we invite you to join HOPE as we ask leading candidates for governor how they’d run the Golden State and prioritize Latinas.

As the state’s chief executive officer, the Governor oversees most state departments and agencies, appoints judges, proposes and vetoes legislation, and submits an annual budget. This series is part of HOPE’s larger efforts to foster a more representative democracy and inform the Latina electorate.


Click through below to see highlights of the candidate's responses or to read the questionnaires is full.

Read the Candidate Questionnaire Highlights


John Chiang
California State Treasurer
Candidate for Governor 

Read John Chiang's Questionnaire


Delaine Eastin
Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
Candidate for Governor

Read Delaine Eastin's Questionnaire


Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor of California
Candidate for Governor 

Read Gavin Newsom's Questionnaire


Antonio Villaraigosa
Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Candidate for Governor

Read Antonio Villaraigosa's Questionnaire


We'll see you at the polls on June 5! 

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