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Over 6 million Latinas live and work in California today, representing 17 percent of California’s total population. Of these 6 million Latinas, 12 percent have at least a Bachelor’s degree, 68 percent make under $50,000 a year, and 21 percent are without Health Insurance.

HOPE is committed to collecting data on the status of Latinas in the areas of education, health care, economic empowerment, and civic participation.  We provide this information here for policy makers, advocates, and other interest groups working on behalf of Latinas and all Californians.  We strive to keep this data as up to date as possible but it is often difficult to find data that is both disaggregated by gender and ethnicity.  We do however feel that the data here is very valuable and ask that you support our work by encouraging any studies you may be involved with to disaggregate data by gender and ethnicity.

By 2010, just 2 years away, the total Latina population is expected to reach 7.1 million with almost 40 percent under the age of 19.[2]


Below is the education pipeline for Latinas (represented by the first number) in the United States according to the 2000 census. This section contains California specific educational statistics for Latinas.


Health Insurance is a major concern for Latinas in California as 21% are uninsured. Check here for health care status in California.

  Economic Status
As education levels increase for Latinas, so will their economic status. Check here for current economic indicators.
Civic Participation
While a large portion of the Latina population is not yet of voting age, there are an estimated 1.6 million registered Latina voters in California. The number of Latina elected officials in also growing but still does not reflect the total Latina population. Check here for current statistics.