Latina History Day


Conference History

The Latina History Day conference, for which Latina History Day in California was created, draws approximately 1000 women each year to celebrate the historic and current achievements of Latinas, while embracing the Latina culture. Attendees participate in forums on career advancement, current community issues and financial empowerment. HOPE has been instrumental in securing local, county, state and congressional officials to declare the second Friday in March (during Women’s History Month) as Latina History Day.  Latina History Day consistently garners the support of the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles City Council.

Join a Workshop!
Join a Workshop!

Scheduled annually on the second Friday of March, Latina History Day is the only conference in Los Angeles that is designed specifically to meet the needs of Latina professionals: offering resources, skill development, and networking opportunities to advance their career.

Through an unparalleled reach into the Latina community, HOPE is able to showcase Latina talent throughout the conference. HOPE secures Latina keynote speakers whose personal and professional experiences resonate with participants and inspire them to strive toward new possibilities. Concurrent workshops are led and moderated by Latina executives, elected officials, academics and other experts in a host of fields including but not limited to finance, corporate culture, philanthropy, community development, education, and health.

Become a Future History Maker!
Meet Future History Makers!

Become a Vendor!
Become a Vendor!

The conference schedule also provides a venue during the Comadre Network and Exhibit Area for Latina leaders to network amongst themselves and with HOPE’s key sponsors. Participants can also purchase unique wares through an array of Latina vendors.

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